Vista Verde An Phu Information – All you need to know

Vista Verde is located next to Dong Van Cong street, An Phu, District 2. The Vista Verde project focus on young generation who has a fair income. With the location  near by Sai Gon river which provide good atmosphere everyday. Vista Verde has 4 blocks: Tower 1, Tower 2, Orchid tower, Lotus tower With different […]

An Gia Riverside District 7 information – All you need to know.

An Gia Riverside; Please check out the video from Fly-cam that we took for a better views. Under the pressure of daily life, we all want to own a fresh space to live. Those fresh space is gathered at An Gia Riverside like a gift from  nature. Instantly; Taking  the advantage, Investor: Coteccons Group, […]

The Masteri Thao Dien District 2 information – All you need to know.

The Masteri project was starting from early of 2014 and finished at the end of 2016 (as estemated) with: 79,839  total square metter (sqm), Divided into 2 specific zone (Building and Green), Building: take up to 34.74% (building density), Green: 60% which provide a lot of fresh air The scale is: 4 towers (4 double-towers […]

The Imperia An Phu District 2 information – All you need to know.

The Imperia An Phu is located on “Song Hanh” street in An Phu ward, District 2. Imperia Project was plan to start  March 2008 and finish in August 2012 with total invesment at $140 mil: Investor: KienA; Designer:inDONG WOO Co. The Imperia has 4 blocks (A-B-C-D) 28 floors high that faced to different directions with: […]

Vinhomes Central Park Binh Thanh- All information you need to know.

Vinhomes Central Park is the 1st large scale of Vingroup in Ho Chi Minh city from the inspiration of Central Park NewYork,  located at Binh Thanh District, a very convenience area that close to other districts especialy District 1 and District 2. 2 mins to Ditrict 2, 2 mins to reach the Metro route Ben […]

Manhattan Apartments

In Manhattan, uptown means north (more precisely north-northeast, which is the direction the island and its street grid system is oriented) and downtown means south (south-southwest). This usage differs from that of most American cities, where downtown refers to the central business district. Manhattan has two central business districts, the Financial District at the southern […]